For the research and development on methods and techniques for seizure detection Hobo cooperates with several partners in the Netherlands and abroad. Partners can be found in the scientific, industrial and commercial sector. Some recent (ongoing) partnerships:

TUe logo

Eindhoven University of Technologie (TU/e), Eindhoven

Mutual projects as well as internships that are mentored by both TU/e and Kempenhaeghe. Recently Tamara Nijsen completed her Ph.D. programme on the subject of accelerometry. Also Andrei Sazonov is completing his Ph.D. programme on seizure detection from the electroencephalogram. At the moment Hobo and the SPS and SAN chairs of TU/e are involved in the Vitruvius project. TU/e and Kempenhaeghe enjoy an intense cooperation.

Holstcentre logo

Holst Centre, Eindhoven

Cooperation of TNO and IMEC-NL aimed at the development of ultra-low power wireless applications, amongst which sensor systems. Mutual complementary questions have led to an extending cooperation, where knowledge of Holst and Hobo are combined for applications in the area of epilepsy and sleep-wake disorders.

SEIN logo

Epilepsy Institutes of the Netherlands Foundation (SEIN), Heemstede and Zwolle

Both of the Dutch centres for epilepsy SEIN and Kempenhaeghe collaborate in various ways, including the area of seizure detection.. SEIN is represented in the EPISODE steering committee.

UMCU logo

University Hospital Utrecht

Hobo collaborates with experts from the University Hospital Utrecht on applied research on advanced methods for (tele-) diagnostics and (tele-) surveillance in epilepsy.

Philips logo

Philips, a.o. Eindhoven

Philips, Eindhoven University of Technology and Kempenhaeghe do fundamental research (Ph.D. programmes) that – if possible – result in easily applicable systems. Cross-pollination: Philips puts new technologies at the disposal of Kempenhaeghe, Hobo validates it in collaboration with Kempenhaeghe. Hobo strongly aims at making the newly developed knowledge applicable.

Medecs logo


Hobo and Medecs - specialized in decision support systems - have partnerred on the Vitruvius project.

WMC logo

Twente Institute for Wireless and Mobile Communications

The Twente Institute for Wireless and Mobile Communications is a partner in the Vitruvius project. Their focus is on wireless and mobile radiocommunication for information exchange.

EEG Techology logo

EEG Technology, Leveroij

Hobo advises during the ongoing development of a trigger-based digital videosystem that was developed in collaboration with Kempenhaeghe by EEG Technology.

EMFIT logo

Emfit Ltd., Vaajakoski Finland

Hobo guides the testing and validation of new Emfit products, amonst others an epilepsy alarm.

iProducts logo

i-Products, Leende

A commercial enterprise specialized in innovative products and services. Within the framework of the ‘Stimulus-cluster programme’ Kempenhaeghe and i-Products have worked together on the E-SMS project in 2005 and 2006. Has been acquired by Neways Technologies in 2008.

Roessingh logo

Roessingh Research & Development, Enschede

Part of the rehabilitation centre “Het Roessingh”. Kempenhaeghe is represented in the advisory board of the AWARENESS-project in which a case is being used on the detection of epileptic seizures. The main focus is on the underlying infrastructure.

My-bodyguard logo

My-Bodyguard, Haaksbergen

A commercial enterprise that develops and sells (personal) alarm systems. Hobo advised with the development of a method for fall detection. The corresponding internship was mentored by Hobo.