Hobo Heeze B.V.

Hobo Heeze B.V. is a full subsidiary of Kempenhaeghe, expertise centre for epilepsy and sleep medicine. Kempenhaeghe diagnoses and treats patients and plays an important role in epilepsy and sleep research and development. A separate sector “Research and Development” houses all scientific activities at Kempenhaeghe.

Development of technological and technical applications can be closely related to scientific research. Kempenhaeghe aspires to guarantee the continuity of research and development for the future and wants to boost the realization of technological and technical applications through cooperation with (commercial or non-commercial) parties and/or exploitation of gathered expertise. For this purpose Hobo has been founded.

Hobo is represented in the sector Research and Development at Kempenhaeghe. This ensures the synchronization of activities and goals and creates the possibility to match development of technological applications to scientific doctoral studies. Hobo initiates innovative concepts that result from fundamental state-of-the-art research at Kempenhaeghe. That way Hobo builds its own patent portfolio that is utilized to generate income for further research. Gathering and expanding knowledge is an equally important goal for Hobo. The basic principle for all activities is the mission statement of Hobo and Kempenhaeghe.

Hobo resides at the location of Kempenhaeghe in Heeze. The strong connection with the maternal organization is also warranted by employees that work for Hobo and Kempenhaeghe. There is a continuous extensive cooperation with the departments of Clinical Physics, Clinical Neurophysiology, Information Processing and Computerization and other clinicians at Kempenhaeghe.

We also recommend a visit to the Kempenhaeghe website: www.kempenhaeghe.nl.